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I am a multidisciplinary artist that blends social practice with other forms—painting, drawing. sound, coding, and anything else that I can use creatively to make art objects, usually in series. In my practice I engage in artistic archivy, which is an arts-based research process in which archival content is used in the creation of new works. In this process, I disembed materials from the archive(s), extract and reincorporate them in my practice, and organize them as artistic products to produce new knowledge, build a liberatory now, and create a new archive of Blackness. 

Drawing from formal and informal archives, and other sources of information, my work navigates the spaces, silences and gaps found within the archives. In the process, I am contemplating Black liberatory thinking, Black and queer/ed archival practices. I am also thinking about how Blackness is constructed and represented within archives (or not); the modes and aesthetics of working with archival materials to create different representations/ indices/ enactments/ embodiments of Blackness; and the possibilities for resisting, re-interpreting, and re-imagining racialized archives, or for re-placing them.