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MFA Musings

How to Look at Parafiction

Ad Reinhardt created many trenchant graphical commentaries on the art world and art practice for the magazine PM. Interestingly enough, one of his long-lost drawings was about parafiction. It is reproduced here.

Online Exhibition: Vestiges

It has alway been challenging for me to produce on deadline. The works I am sharing for the online exhibition are very much experiments-in-progress.  Visit the exhibition

Studio Rituals/ Remote Studio Visit

It is interesting to think about what one does in the studio as a ritual (a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order). My observation of a day in my “home away from home” studio in Chicago shows that, as they say, wherever I go, there I am.

The Art of Practice

As Webster’s dictionary tells us, practice is both a noun and a verb. My thinking follows the denotations of the word: For me, art practice is both something that I do and something that I have.